Kevin Andino - Associate, Loan Servicing

Emily Annick - Assistant Controller

Daniel Austin - Associate, Asset Management

Lori Bettinger - Executive Vice President, Client Services

David Brooks - Managing Director, Client Services

Alexandra Byrnes - Associate, Client Services

Don Cole - Chief Financial Officer

Paul Costanzo - Associate, Asset Management

Kelsey Daniels - Event and Client Engagement Manager, Client Services

Chelsey Fisher - QA Analyst

Ashish Gandhi - Vice President, Information Technology

Derek Garman - Associate, Accounting

Wayne Gore - Managing Director, Client Services

Sebastian Gosek - Vice President, Asset Management

Brian Graham - Chief Executive Officer

John Gray - Executive Vice President, Asset Management

Marcia Green-Alleyne - Senior Associate, Loan Servicing

Brendan Hart - Vice President, Asset Management

Jeffrey Hasmonek - Associate, Asset Management

Adam Hoehn - Director, Asset Management

Michael Housley - Senior Vice President, Controller

Dmitri Ivanov - Director, Loan Servicing

Aaron Juda - Business Development Officer

Krystal Johnson - Associate, Credit Administration

Nick Kilavos - Managing Director, Asset Management

Mohammad Lakhani - Manager, Loan Servicing

Natalie Levine - Associate, Accounting

Ryan Linski - Managing Director, Asset Management

Michael Matthews - Vice President, Applications Development & Support

Caroline McCormick - Assistant Event and Client Engagement Manager, Client Services

Kaleabb Mekbib - Associate, Loan Servicing

David Miller - Director, Asset Management

Travis Moore - Director, Asset Management

Steven Museles - General Counsel

Mike O'Connor - Director, Finance

John Protzman - Senior Vice President, Head of Information Technology

John Pulliam - Analyst, Client Services

Dave Schwarz - Director, Asset Management

Steve Stewart - Assistant Vice President, Asset Management

Samantha Thomas - Assistant Vice President, Asset Management

Svetlin Tintchev - Associate, Client Services

Vince Twomey - Executive Vice President and Chief Credit Officer

Olaf Vlieks - Managing Director

Emily Wainwright - Vice President, Client Services

Ashley Wilson - Services Administrator, Information Technology

Julia Wu - Senior Systems Administrator, Information Technology

Margarita Zapata - Loan Servicing Associate